Why Your Dog’s Doo-Doo is a No-No for Your Lawn

Lawn; doo-doo;

Protect Your Lawn

Most homeowners know that dog poop is an eye-sore and can turn their grass an unflattering shade of yellow or brown. But did you know that dog feces is actually a hazard to more than your lawn?

Every gram of dog doo can carry up to 23 million fecal bacteria. Ever heard of E. coli? salmonella? campylobacteriosis? coronavirus? parvovirus? All of these diseases, plus worms of all sorts, lurk in dog poop. Nasty, we know. So why are we talking about it? Because many people leave these disgusting mounds of refuse on their lawn, sometimes even mowing over them so that the poop gets “sown” into the ground. Dog doo isn’t manure, folks! It’s not rich in any sort of nutrient or helpful for your lawn. And just think, when your kids go out to play barefoot, their feet are picking up all that gross bacteria and bringing it inside your home. Ew!

Your pooch can also pick up these diseases, and more, so it’s best to clean up their poop immediately and throw it in the trash and purge your yard of parasites and bacteria.