Lawn Care

Our outdoor services utilize only the best professional grade products while giving you the best results available for your lawn. Our experienced team members are highly trained and take great pride in giving you the satisfaction of having the best lawn on the block.

Turf Care

  • The EnviroSpray Turf Care program uses top of the line fertilizers to maintain a lush GREEN lawn.
  • Weed preventative treatments work with our fertilizers to rid your lawn of weeds.
  • Our applications are specifically timed to give your lawn the products it needs, when it needs them.
  • When we combine these treatments into our program, your lawn is sure to be the envy of the neighborhood.

Small Tree & Shrub Care

  • Our tree and shrub program contains controlled release fertilizers to provide your plants with a steady growth through the growing season.
  • The insect control methods we use will give your shrubs season long control of most major insects that affect plants in our area.
  • We will make a winter treatment to reduce the number of insect eggs that may be present before they can hatch in the spring.

Insect Control

  • We offer control of common insect pests such as Fire ants, Fleas, Ticks, Grub worms, and many more.
  • No insecticide can prevent all insects so we can also make “as needed” treatments to rid your property of other insect pests.

Additional Services

  • In addition to the traditional services we also offer the following turf enhancements:
    • Aeration– Aerations will relieve your lawn of compacted soil and allow water and nutrients to reach turf roots.
    • Lime applications– Lime will help stabilize your lawns pH level and help with nutrient uptake.
    • Winter overseeding– Overseeding will ensure a green lawn all year long.
    • Soil testing– These tests can help identify any additional nutrients your lawn may need.

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