Our simple mission is to ensure beautiful and healthy lawns, by providing efficient personal service to every client who entrusts us with preserving the quality of their lawn.

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The EnviroSpray Difference

At EnviroSpray, we strive to change the way you think about pest control and turf care. Your home is your largest asset, and you should be able to enjoy it.

Even the mundane tasks can be pleasurable when you entrust the professionals. Our difference is the personalized care and the wealth of knowledge that our service technicians offer.

Our CEO, Austin Phillips, has a Horticulture degree from Auburn University and understands that knowledge is power. That's why each of our technicians is highly trained and kept up to date with continuing education classes.

It is our goal to provide your family with personal, knowledgeable care that will give you the peace of mind you need to make your home a sanctuary.

I firmly believe no shortcut can take the place of hard work, quality service, vast knowledge, and over-the-top professionalism.

Customer Service

Aside from our vast knowledge of turf care, our ability to provide personal service is another major separation between EnviroSpray and the other guys.

We have an amazing base of customers who not only continue to use our services year in and year out but also refer their friends, families, co-workers, and anyone else they come in contact with.

The reason for this commitment from our customers is strictly due to the fact that they know we care about them!


The EnviroSpray 5-STAR GUARANTEE

1. We Are Certified

We have our Ornamental Turf and Pest Services License and are Landscape Management certified. This allows us to maintain weed-free and beautiful lawns as well as help point you in the right direction in other aspects of your property.

2. We Are Qualified

Our team leader, Austin Phillips, spent the time to obtain his Horticulture degree from Auburn University, created the optimum turf care program, and has dedicated 12 years of his life to ensuring we can provide the best results possible for your lawn. That is what you call qualified!

3. We Stand Behind Our Work

When you sign on to our lawn care service we feel confident enough in our program that we offer free follow-up services in between treatments if weed issues were to persist.**

4. We Always Display Professionalism

From our team members to our trucks, and even our equipment. We commit to utilizing only the best, most professional, people, tools, and products available.

5.  Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed

Our knowledge, experience, certifications, passion, and personal service give us the confidence to guarantee you will be satisfied with the results we will provide to you.

** Free follow up services can only begin after you have had 4 standard program treatments.
No service can completely eradicate weeds. You can realistically expect about 95% weed control.

Achieve a green, lush, and healthy lawn.