Fall Lawn Renovation Ideas

Lawn Renovation Ideas

Lawn Renovation Ideas: Looking to renovate your lawn this fall? We’ve got some inspiration for you! Here are some ideas for fall lawn renovation.

Lay down sod

For those who want instant gratification, installing sod is one of the quickest ideas you can use to achieve a new lawn. There is some technique involved in preparing your lawn for the sod and you have to still nurture it just like you would new seed in order for it to grow.

If your lawn is beyond repair or you simply want a fresh start, laying down sod is a perfect way to renovate your lawn in the fall. The weather is cooler and your lawn will have plenty of time to soak up all the water and nutrients it needs before the colder weather arrives. Just be sure your budget can handle the project before you jump in.

Grade & Seed

If you want to give your lawn a makeover this fall, you could also go the grade-and-seed route, which is another effective idea to take your lawn from “blah” to beautiful. In order to grade and seed, you essentially take your lawn “down to the studs” and give it a fresh start by excavating, then add soil, seed and fertilizer.

This process is a lot more involved and time-consuming than laying down sod, and you have to water the seed quite a bit afterwards to ensure best results. But your lawn will look great with some patience and the proper care.

Low-budget renovation ideas

Both laying down sod and grading/seeding can take a lot of time and resources, so if you’re looking for some low-budget ways to give your lawn a refresh, consider:

-Planting flowers or shrubs
-Spreading fresh mulch or pinestraw in your beds
-Edging your lawn

Making big changes to your lawn can be overwhelming, so if there’s a project you’d like done but you don’t want to tackle it yourself, you can always get a professional to come in to make sure the job is done right.