Winter Lawn Care: Why It’s Important to Care For Your Yard

There are more than 604,000 landscaping companies in this country. These companies primarily handle lawn tasks during the spring, summer, and fall.

However, winter lawn care is also essential. But many homeowners don’t realize this and skip some vital tasks during this season.

So, what does a lawn need during the winter? And what are the benefits of performing the necessary winter lawn care activities?

Keep reading this guide to learn the answers to these essential questions.

Leaf Removal

Raking leaves isn’t a glamorous job. Yet, it’s essential for protecting your lawn in the winter. 

Leaves that remain on your grass during the winter can destroy the grass. Therefore, you must remove the leaves and other debris before winter. 

You can do this by raking the leaves yourself. On the flip side, you can hire a landscaping company to remove them for you. 

Another option is to mow the leaves before winter. Mowing them creates mulch from the leaves, and leaving it in your yard might protect it during the winter.


Winter Lawn Care

The second part of winter lawn care maintenance is aerating your yard. Aeration is a process that offers two benefits.

First, aeration forces small holes into the ground, letting the ground breathe before winter. Secondly, aeration relieves soil compaction. Soil compaction interferes with grass growth, so providing relief from this is vital.

You can aerate your grass yourself if you have the right tools. If you don’t have the right equipment, you can hire a lawn care company to aerate it for you. 


Fertilizing a yard is another important lawn care service. However, many people either fail to fertilize their yards enough or do it too much. 

You can ask a landscaping company for winter lawn care tips to learn how often you should fertilize.

They’ll likely suggest fertilizing two to three times each year. Doing it just before winter is an essential time to complete this step. 

Fertilizing provides a yard with nutrients, and grass needs nutrients before winter. With the proper fertilizer, your grass will be greener and thicker in the spring when it starts growing.

Why Winter Lawn Care Is Vital

Taking the right steps for winter lawn care protects your yard during the cold winter season. When you perform the necessary steps, you’ll have a nicer yard when the weather starts warming up.

Do you need some help with your yard? Contact us at EnviroSpray in Alabama. We can perform all the steps your yard needs this winter.