What To Do When Kudzu Is Taking Over Your Lawn


If you’ve ever seen large green plants growing over highways and fences, you’ve probably seen kudzu. Kudzu is a destructive nuisance to lawns, particularly those in the Southeast. And while many homeowners simply let it take over, others may perhaps be wondering what they can do to get rid of this crazy weed. Getting rid of it, however, is not for the faint of heart.[nz_gap height=”25″ /]

DIY vs. Professional Removal

While you can certainly attempt to tackle kudzu on your own, it can be incredibly overwhelming due to its resilient nature. You have to address it on a monthly basis and if you’re not careful, it can take root and grow fresh vines! This is why we suggest having a professional tame your vines each month. It is worth the investment if it gets rid of your kudzu for good![nz_gap height=”25″ /]

Herbicide vs. Mechanical Removal

Sometimes homeowners turn to herbicides to eradicate kudzu, but these methods can take years upon years to fully get rid of it. A lawn care service may go the herbicide route or they may determine it needs to be manually removed. They will thoroughly mow it each month, but they’ll also completely remove the clippings so that none of the plant re-roots. They will also be able to dispose of the plants properly, to ensure they don’t take root and grow elsewhere.[nz_gap height=”25″ /]

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