Trimming vs. Edging: What’s the Difference?

Trimming vs. Edging

Trimming vs. Edging? While edging and trimming sound the same, they are actually two different lawn care techniques. Since the two terms are often confused and interchanged, let’s learn the difference between the two.


  • Horizontal cut (same as lawnmower)
  • Cuts grass in tight spaces where mower doesn’t fit, such as between shrubs
  • The machine used to trim has a nylon-string that rapidly rotates to achieve the cut


  • Vertical cut
  • Cuts grass along sidewalks, driveways, and roads, where the grass overlaps concrete
  • The machine used to edge has a blade attached at a 90-degree angle to the ground

Trimming and edging tips

1. Don’t go overboard. It’s easy to get zealous and trim or edge too much grass away. Over time, this will kill the grass.

2. Mow before you do anything else. While trim and edge work is valuable, it’s better to mow before you trim or edge.

3. Edging and trimming should be done regularly, but not too often. Ask your lawn care provider how often is best for your lawn.

As you can see, trimming and edging are two very different techniques, but both contribute to the look of your lawn. They both make your lawn look clean and “finished.” If you want to take your lawn to the next level, you should consider edge and trim work. We have all the experience and tools necessary to make your lawn look polished and professional.