Top Lawn care Mistakes

Lawn care Mistakes

Lawncare is easy… if you know what you’re doing!


Lawn care Mistakes

Doing proper lawn care leads to a beautiful, healthy lawn. Think you could care for your lawn better but aren’t sure how? Check out these top lawn care mistakes and see which ones you’re guilty of.

Using fertilizers and weed control treatments incorrectly

You’d think using fertilizers and weed control treatments correctly would be as simple as reading and following the instructions on the back of the product. But every lawn is unique and needs slightly different care than the next. Take the guesswork out of it and contact us to make sure you’re using the correct products and timing treatments properly.

Mowing unevenly spaced rows

Beginners especially have a difficult time mowing even rows, resulting in uneven lines and small patches of uncut grass. Most of the time it’s simply due to a miscalculation of what area the mower blades actually cut. To prevent this, overlap your “path” a bit on each row. This will ensure every blade gets cut and the whole lawn looks even.

Cutting grass with a dull mower blade

Mowing with a dull blade is not only ineffective and difficult, but it’s also harmful to your grass. Just like dull scissors pull at hair instead of cutting it crisply, your mower has to have a sharp blade in order to do a clean mow. If you’re not sure how to properly sharpen your mower blade, watch this video for instructions.

Bagging lawn clippings

Stop bagging up valuable lawn clippings! You are mistakenly throwing away so many nutrients when you do that, so cross “bagging clippings” off your lawn care to-do list! Don’t just leave behind raw, unmulched clippings, though. Make sure you use a self-mulching mower so the grass feeds the lawn instead of choking it.