Tips For An Amazing Lawn

Amazing Lawn

Tips For An Amazing Lawn: The way your lawn looks can literally make or break the entire look of your home! If you would like to ensure that your lawn looks lush and green all the time, read further for some tips!

Let your grass grow!

Obviously, a well-mowed lawn is key but you should never mow the grass too short as damage could occur. Generally speaking, more than a third of the grass blade should never be cut. Rather mow your lawn higher and more often than cut it too short! In addition to that tip, your mower blades should always be kept sharp to prevent any ragged edges.

Prevent weeds

A weed-free lawn goes without saying, but it is always better if you can prevent them from even appearing! Use of a herbicide in early spring can prevent unsightly weeds such as crabgrass. Tip: Always use herbicides exactly as per the package instructions to ensure the best result!

Your lawn is thirsty

Watering your lawn in the morning is always a good idea because the sun will then help to dry the grass. If you water later on in the day, this could result in moisture sitting on the grass blades and promotion of certain diseases.

Fertilize, fertilize, fertilize!

Your lawn should be given plenty of nutrients and the use a fertilizer that is a combination of fast and slow-release active ingredients. This tip will help your lawn to look green as soon as possible and for as long as possible!

Dog lover?

Dogs can wreak havoc on your lawn and big, yellow spots with dead grass can occur if you don’t train your dog to “go” in a mulchy area. Train him to go in these areas and your lawn will reward you!

Sometimes, despite what you do, your lawn can look sparse and thin. If this is the case, seed the area and you will soon see a wonderful difference!