Three Easy Techniques for Winter Plant Care

Winters in Alabama can be unpredictable. Sometimes it’s 15 degrees and icy, and other times it’s  50 degrees and sunny. The air goes from dry to humid overnight. This uncertainty can make it tricky to know how to care for your plants in the winter. We’ve compiled the following list of tips that will assist you with winter plant care:

The Perfect Time to Prune

plant care

The winter season while many of your plants are dormant is your perfect time to prune certain outdoor plants, shrubs and trees. Remove dead branches/stems with well-kept, sharp tools for your plant care. Something to note: pruning a plant poorly will likely not harm it. Pruning simply encourages new, fresh growth and makes your yard or garden look well-kept and manicured. The types of plants that typically should be pruned in the wintertime include:

  • Crape myrtles
  • Hydrangeas (some varieties)
  • Roses
  • Fruit trees

Take Cover

Delicate plants (and even some hardy ones) may not survive harsh winter temperatures and winds. If they can be moved inside, that’s preferable. However, some plants are outside to stay. Good practice is to utilize coverings for these types of plants, before temperatures drop below freezing. Types of coverings that work well to protect plants against harsh weather:

  • Burlap tied at base
  • Overturned planter
  • Woven polypropylene frost cover
  • Plastic bag tied at base

It’s Never Too Mulch

Winter mulch can be a saving grace when it comes to protecting your plants during the winter. Good mulch creates an insulated layer between the soil and the cold air above it, so when the temperatures drop, there is a warm blanket for the plants’ roots. Other benefits to mulching include:

  • Increased moisture
  • More food for helpful creatures like earthworms
  • Decreased weed population

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