The Secret Life of Pests

Secret Life of Pests

Secret Life of Pests: Have you ever wondered what’s really going on in your back yard or underneath your home? Depending on where you live, you may not have that many pests. But some pests can be discreet and go unnoticed, until you see “evidence” of them being there.

Take, for instance, mice. Did you know mice aren’t able to control their “bodily functions?” Also, at 6 weeks old, mice are ready to “get down to business” and are capable of reproducing. So if you find a nest or see one mouse, chances are there are more! In fact, a single female mouse can birth a new litter every six weeks!

German cockroaches have mice beat, however, when it comes to reproduction. German cockroaches can produce 10,000+ descendants in just one year. Clearly this isn’t the kind of pest you want to try to eradicate on your own.

Bed bugs can go without feeding for 20 to 400 days. That’s a lot of extra time to settle in, unpack, and make themselves at home in your home! Chipmunks’ burrows span 30 feet long and 3 feet deep. And opossums can survive bite of the poisonous snake (so it’s no use releasing your pet snake in the yard in hopes of getting rid of those pests!)

You shouldn’t have to live life afraid of pests. Unsure if you have unwelcome roommates living their own secret life alongside yours? Contact AWP Services for a free quote and some peace of mind today.