Push vs. Riding Mowers: How to Decide Which Mower is Right for You

Push vs. Riding Mowers

TPush vs. Riding Mowers? trying to decide which mower is right for you? There are pros and cons to both push mowers and riding mowers. In order to decide which mower is right for you, you have to consider what type of lawn you have and evaluate what your lawn care needs are.

Get a push mower if your lawn:

  • is small (3/4 an acre or less)
  • is perfectly flat (or extremely steep)
  • has intricate features or tight corners
  • is relatively weed-free

Get a riding mower if your lawn:

  • is medium to large (an acre or more)
  • is perfectly flat (or has slight slopes)
  • has thick or wet grass
  • has weed-infested grass

In general, riding mowers are more expensive to upkeep and harder to maintain than push mowers as well, so be sure to factor in how much time and money you are able to spend on repairs as you’re determining which type of mower is right for you.

The third option

If you’d like to avoid the cost and hassle of mower maintenance, getting a lawn care expert to do your lawn is also an option. By the time you figure the cost of a mower, oil, gas, air filters, oil filters, fuel filters, not to mention the time and expense you’ll spend if the battery or starter breaks on your machine, the right mower for you may be the mower that belongs to a lawn care professional! Reach out to AWP Services today for a quote!