Proper Watering Techniques for Your Lawn

Watering Techniques

Watering Techniques: Over-watering, under-watering–how do you know how much, how often, and when you should water your lawn? It’s difficult to give exact instructions, because every lawn is so different. But here are some basic guidelines.

Watering guidelines for shrubs

Your watering techniques will differ, depending on what you’re watering (grass or shrubs) and where you live. Here in the South, you should water shrubs by hand. Water 2-3 times per week in the summer and maybe only 1 time a week during the winter. 50 seconds per shrub (more or less, depending on the size) is a good amount of time. Also, add a shower head or some sort of sprinkler attachment to the end of your hose. This is so that the water is evenly distributed instead of gushing on one particular area.


Watering guidelines for grass

For grass, it’s fine to use a sprinkler system; 20 minutes twice a day is a good amount. Watering your lawn every day, however, is not recommended. You want to give the soil time to soak up the water. Don’t water in the afternoon or evening hours, and be sure to water less during rainy weeks, so your lawn doesn’t get soaked.

If you’re unsure how to water special shrubbery, baby shrubs, or new sod, consult a professional on how to adjust that frequency, duration, etc. Watering your lawn can be overwhelming at times, given that each type of grass and plant has slightly different water needs. Check with a professional if you think you’re under or over-watering your lawn.