Lawn Tips For The Winter Months

Lawn Tips

Lawn Tips: With winter months in full swing, you are probably relieved that you no longer have to mow your lawn on a regular basis (at least for a few months, that is)! However, it is essential that your lawn is taken care of during the colder months. Here are some useful tips to help you keep it in tip-top shape during winter.

Make sure your lawn is always clean

Fall leaves can wreak havoc on your lawn, especially if they have piled up. Ensure that you rake them away regularly as the grass could suffocate if there is too thick a layer of leaves above.

Mulch The Leaves

If your leaves are not too wet or thick, this is a great idea as you could then allow the leaves to fertilize your lawn. If not, remove them from the lawn together with other items, such as furniture or old logs.

Fertilize and Aerate

Your lawn should be aerated right before the first frost. This is because the grass needs to breathe before becoming dormant. This will also eliminate all compaction that has occurred over the past few months. Aeration should be followed by a good fertilizer to give your lawn plenty of nutrients before the winter months.

Try and prevent excessive lawn traffic

Even though it is covered with snow, frost or ice during the winter months, your grass could become very weak if there is too much traffic in one area.

Treat Ice Effectively

We know it is a lot of work but if you keep your pathways, sidewalk, and driveway free of accumulated ice with the use of salt, you can avoid lawn damage in the long run.

Be Prepared

Have a lawn care plan in place and be ready to implement it as soon as the winter’s first frost arrives.

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