Lawn Care, A Good Gift?

Landscaping and lawn maintenance: two things we all wish someone would give us but no one does. [nz_gap height=”20″ /]

lawn care

Lawn Care

Some people enjoy mowing the lawn and keeping their outdoor spaces neat, but to most, it’s just another chore that has to be done. Not everyone has the time, money, or skills to bring their dream patio or firepit to life, and some can’t afford to pay someone else to do their weekly lawn care. Add to that the pressure to impress and “keep up with the Joneses,” and you have the inspiration for a perfect gift.[nz_gap height=”18″ /]

It’s All In The Presentation[nz_gap height=”8″ /]

Giving the gift of landscaping or lawn care could be classy or tacky, depending on how you go about it. Merely giving someone a handmade coupon that says “I’ll mow your lawn for free for a month” is thoughtful, but falls remarkably short. Instead, research good lawn service companies in your area, making sure to read reviews and ask around for recommendations.

Ask them about gift certificates, package options, and services and decide what is in your budget and what your friend/loved one would appreciate the most. For example, you could gift weekly lawn care maintenance for a month or two. Or you could surprise your loved one with an appointment with a landscape designer. Giving the recipient the chance to include their ideas into the plan makes the gift more personal and ensures they’re getting exactly what they want.
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The Bottom Line [nz_gap height=”8″ /]

Covering the cost of lawn services or a landscaping project is a priceless gift. It is sure to please everyone, from the lawn enthusiast who doesn’t have much time to pour into his passion to the sister whose husband is deployed overseas. Find a reputable company who can deliver quality service, include your recipient in the design process, and you easily have a gift that’ll be hard to forget.

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