How to Weed Your Flower Beds Like a Pro

How to Weed Your Flower Beds

How to Weed Your Flower Beds?

Flower Beds

Flower beds are one of the first things you see when you drive up to your home, so keeping them well-kept can really boost your curb appeal. Here are some tips for keeping your flower beds weed-free.

1. Weed-whack tall weeds

If you’ve let your flower beds go for a while, there may be some taller weeds growing. Using a weed whacker will help tame them a bit so that they are easier to pull.

2. Uproot weeds

Next, you’ll want to put on a pair of garden gloves, pull the weeds, and put them in a garbage bag. Make sure you grab them at the base, so as to uproot them so that they don’t just grow back! Also, don’t toss the pulled weeds onto your lawn to de-compose–this will only cause weeds to sprout on your lawn. While uprooting weeds can be time-consuming, having a podcast and a bottle of water nearby can help you keep going.

Most people do not enjoy weeding, and as a result, they procrastinate it until their flowers get overgrown and hard to manage. If that’s you, it might be smart to hire a lawn service to take care of your flower beds!

3. Spray for weeds

In order to prevent weeds from growing back, get an expert to spray your flower beds for weeds. An experienced lawn care professional will not merely weed your flower bed. They will pay attention to what flowers and soil you have and ensure only your weeds die, not your precious flowers and plants. They may even implement some sort of fertilizer, rocks, or landscape fabric to prevent future weed growth.