How to Properly Edge a Flower Bed

How to Properly Edge a Flower Bed? Edging a flower bed is a small detail that can make a huge difference in the look of your garden. A clear border around flower beds makes any lawn look pristine. Proper edging will also prevent weeds and grass from invading your flower bed. There are several different ways to edge a flower bed. Some methods will provide a relaxed and soft look, while others will leave you with a more formal look.

Choosing the Right Tools

For a more traditional edge, you will only need a manual rotary, half-moon edger, or spade. If you want a clean line and a consistent depth, you can choose a more costly option of a mechanized tool.

Marking and Cutting

The first step to properly edge a flower bed is to establish a boundary between the flower bed and your lawn. You can do this using a string, or simply marking the edge with spray paint. Next, you will use the edging tool you chose to cut around the bed. Once the grass and soil are loose, use a shovel to form a clean edge.

How to Properly Edge a Flower Bed

Finishing the Edge

Your next task is to decide the way you want your edge to look when it is finished. Some common options are:

Trench edging is the easiest choice, which creates a natural edge. Cut the edge and then add mulch. Near the grass line, you will want to slope the mulch so that it creates a two to three-inch trench.

Installing a long strip of plastic or metal edging material will provide a more prominent separation between the flower bed and the lawn. Aluminum is an excellent choice for this method because it is not only lightweight and stiff but also will not rust. A more cost-effective option is plastic edging, which will give you a similar look.

A paved edge is a great choice when there is concern that grass is going to creep into your flower bed. Start by cutting your edge and digging a trench as wide as the pavers or bricks you are going to use. Next, line the trench with a paver base and stone dust to create a nice foundation. Use a rubber mallet to pound the bricks into place. Lastly, use polymeric sand to fill in the joints, sweep the pavers and rise with water.

A striking way to edge your flower bed is with a raised edge. If you are just installing a new flower bed and need to add soil to get it to the right level, this is a perfect solution. A stone wall around your flower bed will also work well if your landscape is sloped because it provides you with flat terrain for planting.

Properly Maintaining the Edge

Once you have an established edge around your flower bed, it is important to maintain it all season long. You will need to cut the grass anywhere your lawnmower does not reach. In addition, you need to redefine the edges as it becomes necessary.

If you are not confident in your skills to properly edge a flower bed, call in a professional. A professional lawn care service like Envirospray will use their expertise to create the perfect edge to your flower bed.