How to Prevent Burweed from Growing in the Spring


When spring rolls around, we start getting a lot of calls asking us about a pesky weed called Burweed. If you and your family enjoy playing in the yard, you no doubt have accidentally stepped on this prickly weed before. Perhaps you’ve been annoyed by how “suddenly” it appears each spring, and been frustrated by how rapidly it multiplies.

Burweed prevention methods

One way to prevent it from growing is by keeping your turf healthy and full. While this method is fairly effective, it should be done in conjunction with a treatment plan. Unfortunately, spraying this weed during the spring is ineffective. By this time, the weed has already matured and grown its iconic “spikes.” So the best way to prevent it from growing is to attack it in the fall.

Fall pre-emergents are a powerful way to reduce/prevent Burweed growth altogether

If you don’t address your lawn’s Burweed issue early on, it will more than likely overtake your healthy lawn grasses and be that much harder to get rid of. Perhaps you have experienced this frustration firsthand each spring as you try to spray your Burweed with pesticides, only to see it show up again the next year.

If you know that your lawn has a problem with these weeds, we highly recommend calling in a professional to spread a fall pre-emergent. Pre-emergent tackles your Burweed problem at the source, before growth (hence the name pre-emergent). The goal of applying a pre-emergent is that, by spring, we’ll see a significant reduction if not total eradication of this pesky weed. Getting rid of this weed allows your grass to “monopolize” all the water, sunlight, and nutrients so that it can grow thicker and better!

Trying to get rid of Burweed once and for all!?
Prevention in the spring means treating in the fall!