How to Prepare Your Lawn for Service

How to Prepare Your Lawn

How to Prepare Your Lawn? When hiring a lawn care service, it’s important to ensure your lawn is ready for them. Here are a few things you should do beforehand to prepare your lawn.

Tidy things up

Landscaping professionals have a difficult time mowing a messy, cluttered lawn. The best way to prevent this hassle is to prepare your lawn by de-cluttering and putting things away before they get there. This ensures nothing is in their way and allows them to get straight to work when they arrive. Make sure you corral your hose and put away toy cars, hammocks, and lawn games in your garage. Also, move garbage cans, potted plants, and anything else that might make it more difficult for them to work on your lawn.

Make sure your lawn isn’t wet

If it rained unexpectedly or you forgot to turn off your sprinkler the day your lawn care service was supposed to come, make sure you let your lawn care professional know ahead of time. Mowing a wet lawn isn’t good for your grass or their mower blades, so be prepared to re-schedule if your lawn is wet.

Determine what types of service you want ahead of time

Do you want edging done? Do your flower beds need fertilizer or mulch? Decide ahead of time what you want your lawn care professional to tackle. Oftentimes lawn care companies will ask you what you want before they even show up. Let them know exactly what your lawn needs so that they know what tools to bring and can give you an accurate quote. Additionally, try to ask any questions you have beforehand so that you have a clear understanding of their service and know exactly what to expect.

Looking for a great way to say “thanks” to your local lawn care company? Prepare your lawn to show you respect their time and service. It might seem trivial, but landscaping businesses really appreciate it when you prep your lawn before they get there.