How To Pest-Proof Your Home This Fall

How To Pest-Proof Your Home

How To Pest-Proof Your Home? As summer begins to fade and the weather begins to cool off, people tend to cozy up in their warm homes. Unfortunately, so do unwanted pests such as bugs, rodents, and cockroaches. These harmful pests come inside when it gets cold to find food, water, and shelter, creating a pest infestation in your home.

Luckily for you, you can enjoy a refreshing and exciting fall indoors by pest-proofing your home. To help you get started, here are four ways to pest-proof your house this fall.

1. Seal all openings

Pests can squeeze into the smallest cracks and crevices, making it crucial to seal any openings in your home. First, check whether the spaces that allow pipes and wirings to come into the foundation or siding of your home are tightly sealed and check window and door seals.

Second, check things like dryer vents, gas meters, and outdoor facets as they can be entry points for unwanted pests. You can seal openings with caulk, copper mesh, or expandable foam from your local hardware store.

2. Keep your house clean

If you like leaving food in your garbage cans and on your floors and counters, be ready for a pest infestation. Pests love food and always invade homes that leave food lying out in the open. To avoid this, clean your kitchen and sink, removing any leftover crumbs and wet areas where pests can lay eggs. Try and keep dirty dishes out of the sink and ensure your countertops are clutter-free.

Since some pests can eat through boxes to get into your food, store your packaged goods in sealed containers and closed cabinets to prevent access. For living spaces such as your living room and bedroom, vacuum often to ensure pests keep away from hidden spots. Lastly, store your garbage cans properly to help keep pests out.

3. Keep your house dry

Pests love warm, moist environments so that they can lay eggs. That’s why many pests gravitate towards crawl spaces, attics, basement, and garages, as they aren’t usually properly ventilated and have lower foot traffic.

Fortunately, by keeping these spaces dry, you can lower your home’s humidity and eliminate pests. Some effective ways to keep your home dry and properly ventilated include:

• Use a dehumidifier
• Fix any leaking pipes
• Use your air conditioner and frequently change the filter
• Move your house plants outside – just temporarily until the weather starts warming up.
• Dry your laundry outside

4. Schedule regular pest control

The best defense you can give your home from rodents and insects this fall is hiring a professional pest control service frequently. Whether it’s on a monthly or quarterly basis, a pest control company can assess and inspect your home for pests and offer the best treatments and solutions to keep your home pest-free.

A reliable pest control company can also maintain the health and safety of you and your loved ones by using proper insecticides and prevent a re-infestation.

Don’t wait until you see one cockroach or insect to call us. We have the experience and training required to keep your home pest-free this fall.