How to Keep Your Lawn Healthy This Fall

How to Keep Your Lawn Healthy

How to Keep Your Lawn Healthy? As the weather gets cooler and fall schedules keep us busy, it’s tempting to view our outdoor spaces as purely recreational. But your lawn needs you to continue to upkeep it, regardless of what season it is. At the very least, focus on eliminating weeds and leaves as you endeavor to keep your lawn healthy this fall.

Combat weeds

Maintaining a weed-free lawn in the autumn months requires a combination of lawn care routines including aerating, applying weed-killer, and spreading fertilizer. The more lush and full you keep your lawn this fall, the fewer weeds you’ll have to deal with come springtime.

Keep up with leaves

Removing your leaves on a regular basis is another good way to keep your lawn healthy. When you let leaves collect, they suffocate the soil and deprive it of much-needed nutrients like rain, air, and sunshine.

If you don’t have time to keep up with aeration, weed eradication, and leaf buildup, consider enlisting the help of a landscaping contractor. They can help you determine what else you need to do to keep a healthy fall lawn such as what height you should set your mower blades, how often you should water, and whether or not you need pest control.