How to Keep Millipedes Out of Your Home

Did you know that there are over 10 quintillion pests on the earth? Imagine all those creepy crawlies in and around your home (although we’re sure you don’t want to!). 

Millipedes are one of those pests that look scarier than they are. While they may not bite or cause direct damage to your home, you don’t want to share your living space with them. They can occasionally harm any soft-stemmed plants you have in your garden, so it’s best to control them before they infest. 

If you want to make sure millipedes do not enter your home, there are steps you need to take to do so! Read on to learn more about what to do to prevent millipedes from coming into your house. 

Keep the Moisture Out of Your Home

First of all, what are millipedes? They are actually an invertebrate closer to lobster and shrimp than they are to insects, but you may think they look like your average home-invading insect! Because millipedes like moisture, if you want to keep millipedes out of your home, the best way is to reduce the moisture inside of it.

How can you do this? On a regular basis, you will want to check for leaks around sinks, toilets, windows, and doors, and for any running water that should not be running. Make sure that when you are done with the washer, you close the door so the moisture does not seep out. When you shower, you should also run the fan to keep any excess moisture from sitting in the bathroom.

Keep Millipedes Out of Your Home

On the outside of your home, you will also want to get rid of any standing water. Not only is this what millipedes are attracted to, but many other bugs are as well! Make sure to mow your lawn regularly and keep it short so that the millipedes do not find shelter out there in your backyard because they like to hide!

Some places millipedes like to hide:

  • Under mulch
  • Leaf piles
  • Compost piles
  • Flower pots
  • Wood piles
  • Under stones
  • Plant debris 

Make sure to look in all those places to get rid of them and prevent millipedes from coming into your home!

Keep Your Floors Clean 

You should start to get into the habit of vacuuming your floors once per week. This will ensure you are getting rid of millipedes before they make it into any crevices or cracks that you cannot rid them of. 

Don’t forget to clean under furniture and in the corners of every room as well. Whatever you do use to keep your floors clean, avoid a broom because millipedes will scatter and crawl away. That’s the last thing you want! 

Seal all Cracks to the Outside

Sealing all cracks is one of the best ways how to keep millipedes out of your home. If you find a crack or opening in a wall, you want to seal it right away. Use either glue, caulk, or a form of cement mixture to seal the crack. Depending on where the crack is, you should put the sealant on both sides (inside and outside) if there are two sides to it.

Keep Millipedes Out of Your Home

If you want a millipede-free home, remember to follow these tips and tricks. Get rid of all excess moisture (both inside and outside of your home), keep your floors extra clean, and seal any cracks that you may find.

Millipede prevention is crucial to ensure that your home doesn’t become infested. If you’re unsure where to begin, you can call pest control!