Got Weeds? | How to Prevent Weeds from Taking Over Your Flower Beds

Tried and true ways to protect your flowers from pesky weeds

How to Prevent Weeds

How to Prevent Weeds? Tired of weeds overrunning your flower beds and choking your plants? Learn how to prevent weeds and keep them under control with these simple tips.

Spread some mulch

The Old Farmer’s Almanac sites mulch as an effective way to prevent weed growth. “Mulch is a covering that blocks weed seeds from sunlight so they don’t germinate, inhibits growth underneath itself, and retains moisture.” (emphasis added) If you decide to use mulch on your weeds, be sure to keep it away from the stems of your plants, so as to not interfere with their growth.

Uproot and throw away

This is probably the least popular solution to prevent weeds since it takes a bit more time and energy. That being said, pulling up weeds at the root is a cheap, easy way to keep roots in check. Just be sure you bag up and dispose of them properly, as simply uprooting them and leaving them to decompose could cause the weeds to repopulate.

Use weed prevention products

One of the most popular ways to prevent weeds is undoubtedly weed preventers. Weed preventers, also known as pre-mixed herbicides, reduce the number of weeds that germinate so that they won’t even start growing. Be aware, however, that weed preventers are not as powerful or effective as turf pre-emergent. Turf pre-emergent is strong, so it is only safe if it is applied properly. For your safety, contact an experienced lawn care provider for your pre-emergent needs!

Do natural methods work?

People will do practically anything to get rid of their weeds. In fact, the internet is full of suggestions including vinegar and boiling water! But if prevention and basic management methods aren’t working, you may need to turn to chemical solutions to eradicate your weeds. AWP Services knows how frustrating weed prevention and control can be. Got weeds? We’ve got solutions!