Electric vs Gas Lawn Mower – Which Is Best?

Electric vs Gas Lawn Mower

Electric vs Gas Lawn Mower – Which Is Best? Deciding what type of mower you should buy is about as difficult as buying a car these days. There are so many options to choose from! One of the biggest debates is which is better: electric or gas? Let’s compare.

Electric Mowers

As you can tell by their name, electric mowers are powered by electricity. You just plug them in and go! This can either be super convenient or a major pain, depending on how regularly you use the excuse “Can’t mow, out of gas” to get out of mowing!

Pros of electric mowers: Easy is the word –they’re easy to operate, easy to run, easy to maintain. If you have a well-manicured, small lawn and want a no-frills, lightweight, compact, ready-to-go mower, electric is your best bet.

Cons of electric mowers: You have to be a bit more cautious with electric mowers. If you’re not careful, you could accidentally mow over the cord! Plus (and this isn’t exactly a con but, just be aware) using an electric mower will raise the cost of your electric bill. Electric mowers get the job done, but they do have a lower power output than gas mowers, so they can only handle manicured, rock-free, bump-free lawns. If your lawn is uneven or rocky, an electric mower is not for you. Electric mowers can’t mow wet grass either (but you know that’s a no-no anyway, right?)

Gas Mowers

Gas mowers (you guessed it) run on gas and, while they require a bit more maintenance than electric mowers, they more than make up for it. Gas mowers are workhorses. They can handle small sticks, the occasional rock, even a sloped lawn.

Pros of gas mowers: Gas mowers aren’t picky. Got weeds, rocks, or uneven patches? No problem. Gas mowers just get up and go. In comparison to electric mowers, gas mowers are built tough, so you don’t have to worry about whether or not they can “handle” your lawn. They just plough ahead and cut pretty much whatever is in their path.

Cons of gas mowers: Gas mowers aren’t perfect though. They’re typically heavier than electric mowers, making them a bit more difficult to maneuver. And if you’re out of gas or your gas mower won’t start/breaks down for some other reason, there go your plans to mow. A gas mower requires routine maintenance, just like a car does, so this can be frustrating for someone who lacks experience.

Factors To Consider When You’re Trying To Decide Between electric vs. gas lawn mowers

How do you know which lawn mower is best for you? In addition to the pros and cons, here are some other factors to keep in mind as you make your decision.

Familiarity: If you’re used to a gas lawn mower, you may benefit from sticking to what you know so that if you need to make repairs you’ll be able to do so fairly easily.

Lawn size: How big is your lawn? Electric mowers are perfect for small, flat lawns while gas mowers are a better option for large, uneven pieces of land.

Price: Shopping for a mower can get pricey very quickly. You can easily purchase a budget-friendly model or spring for an expensive, top-of-the-line machine. So before you shop around, figure out ahead of time what you’re willing to spend! Generally, electric mowers are cheaper than gas mowers and are more cost-effective when it comes to maintenance.

Still not sure which lawn mower is right for you? Try reading or watching reviews to get an idea of what users like or dislike about their electric or gas mowers. Every lawn is different, so ultimately the best mower for you is the one that serves your needs best.