Does DIY pest control actually work?

DIY pest control

DIY pest control

You’re on your way out the door to work and you see a huge ant pile along the sidewalk. So you take care of it when you get home with some insecticide you found at Walmart or Lowe’s. You feel confident you’ve dealt with the problem when you don’t see anymore ants the next couple days. Then a week later, BAM! They’re back! Sound familiar?

Troop vs. armies

It’s one thing to DIY a piece of furniture. You can buy all the proper materials easily and look up all the steps on YouTube. Pest control, however, isn’t like that. In the situation outlined earlier, the reason the ants didn’t leave is because the ants weren’t cut off at the source. For every ant mound you see above ground, picture thousands of interconnected tunnels underground. Literally armies of ants allied with other armies of ants from the yard next door, and the yard next to theirs, and… you get the picture. Termites, mice, and other pests are very similar to ants. They multiply quickly and reinforcements are always available. You are outnumbered by a long shot when it comes to the pests in your yard.

Bring on the reinforcements!

If you’re considering DIY pest control, consider the fact that you’re only dealing with what you can see using basic insecticides that aren’t as powerful as a professional’s. If you want to be completely rid of your pests, it’s best to join forces on a regular basis with a pest control professional who knows how to find and properly eradicate your pests’ strongholds.