3 Simple But Effective Changes You Can Make To Your Lawn This Fall

Changes You Can Make To Your Lawn

Things you can do this fall to take your lawn from “meh” to “wow!”

Changes You Can Make To Your Lawn : When it comes to your lawn, change is hardly ever as immediate or drastic as we want it to be. Unless you completely tear up your old lawn and start from scratch, the adjustments you make to your lawn will most likely happen bit by bit over time. As you have the opportunity to invest in your lawn, you’ll learn that certain projects should be done during certain seasons. Fall is the best time to make these simple yet effective changes to your lawn.

1. Lay down mulch

Mulch is one of those lawn care tasks that provides a good bang for your buck and doesn’t take much time, making it a worthwhile investment. Mulch helps your lawn retain water and heat, which is important in the fall/winter! It also helps keep weeds at bay and makes your lawn look fresh and put together, which is great for curb appeal.

2. Zero-in on bare spots

Tackling bare spots on your lawn is another simple yet effective change you can make to your lawn that is best done during the fall. There are a couple of approaches you can take with bare spots:

  • Spread seed-heavy mulch
  • Lay seed germination blankets
  • Completely re-sod.

If you’re unsure which route you should take, it’s best to talk to an expert to find out just how bad the patch is. You don’t want to spend money on re-sodding unnecessarily.

3. Keep your leaves raked

If we’ve said it once, we’ll say it again, because it’s just that important. Rake your leaves! As simple and seemingly insignificant as raking may sound, it is a worthwhile endeavor. Many homeowners neglect to rake, not knowing that it could be costing them their lawn.

Keeping your leaves raked not only makes your lawn look less sloppy but also gives your soil the chance to soak up nutrients like sunlight and water that it desperately needs before it goes into its “deep winter sleep” (dormancy).

Fall is a great time to work on your lawn because the weather is typically cooler and more pleasant to work in. Plus, your lawn needs a bit of extra care during these months in preparation for winter. Ready to make some changes to your lawn? Call us today for a free consultation!