Celebrate National Lawn Care Month – Go Outdoors!

National Lawn Care Month

The average American spends 90% of his or her life indoors. Harvard Medical School says that people are healthier and happier when they get outside. Seeing as April is National Lawn Care Month, it’s the perfect time to both invest in your lawn and get some fresh air! Not sure what your lawn needs? Here are a few ideas.

Plant a garden

If you’ve never planted a garden before, it can be intimidating. For National Lawn Care Month try starting small; plant some flowers or shrubs in front of your porch. Tackling an easy project first will help you gain confidence to plant a bigger garden.

Add landscaping

Could your lawn use a little dimension? Landscaping is a great way to give the front of your house some depth and interest, and it’s a great activity for the whole family. Spend some time outdoors together and plant a small tree like a magnolia. Your kids will have fun watching the tree grow up as they do.

Tidy up

Leaving unnecessary items lying around on your lawn like children’s toys and hoses not only clutters your lawn but ruins your grass. During National Lawn Care Month wind up the hose and store toys and other items that don’t belong in your yard in your garage. Rake your lawn to get rid of dead leaves and grass, so that your lawn can “breathe” and receive much-needed sunlight and nutrients. Don’t forget to weed flower beds, trim trees, and shrubbery, and weed eat those edges.