Boost Your Curb Appeal in April for National Lawn Care Month

National Lawn Care Month

Happy National Lawn Care Month! We’re celebrating our favorite month of the year by giving you practical tips for making your lawn look sharp in April.

What do people see when they drive by your home? They see the front door and the porch, but the first thing they see is your lawn. Sprucing up your lawn boosts curb appeal, which in turn can potentially increase the value of your home. Here are some tips to get you started as you boost your curb appeal.

Makeover the mailbox

Although your mailbox doesn’t take up that much room on your lawn, it’s one of the first things people see from the road. Is your mailbox starting to look a bit tired? This April, consider painting it or replacing it altogether. To give it a polished, finished look, “frame” it by planting some flowers, a rose bush, or climbing vines at its base.

Bring back the green

During the winter months, plants and grass tend to lose their green color due to the changing of the season and lack of sunlight. If you know for a fact your brown grass is dead, then sure, get rid of it. But most of the time your lawn simply needs some extra nutrients. Talk to a lawn care professional about what products you can safely use to get rid of the brownish-yellow color and any weeds that have taken over. You’ll have your lawn green this April in no time!

Pressure wash hard surfaces

Sometimes decks, walkways, and siding just need a good wash down. Pollen and dirt from your lawn can sometimes turn those surfaces a completely different color! Use a pressure washer or simply set your hose on a higher pressure spray. Do not pressure wash during a drought or excessively rainy period. Water will run off the surfaces you’re washing and can soak your lawn if you’re not careful.

Give the grass a haircut

The most sure-fire, cheap way to make your lawn look more clean cut is to trim those borders! Use a weed eater to trim the edges of the grass along the street, driveway, and walkway. If you want to give it that extra “wow factor,” you could even edge your lawn. You’ll be amazed how fresh and clean your lawn looks this April as a result!