Affordable Ways to Freshen Up Your Landscaping


Sometimes all your lawn needs is a little “lift.” While some transformations require intentional saving, there are many other affordable ways to freshen up your landscaping. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Add pine straw around the base of each tree

Framing out your trees with a little mulch is a great way to add some dimension and visual interest to your lawn. Organic mulch can also aid in weed control, nutrient supplementation, and soil temperature regulation. When considering what would be the cheapest mulch option, pine straw is an affordable alternative to bark mulch, costing approximately .10 cents less per square foot. In fact, if you have pine trees in your yard, you don’t even need to spend money on mulch! Simply harvest the fallen pine needles from your yard and spread them around the base of each tree.

Cost: $4-10 per bale (depending on the coverage you need)

Add window boxes or paint the ones you already have

If you’re looking to add some color and curb appeal to your lawn but can’t afford to plant a lot of flowers, opt for window boxes instead. You can paint ones you already have or you could purchase or make some. Coleus or snapdragons are colorful plants to fill them with, but there are many plants that are perfect for window boxes, so choose something that suits your personality and style!

Cost: Prices will vary, but you can get 25-50 seeds for as little as $6-8. Plants may cost you closer to $25, depending on how many plants you’re wanting.

Fertilize your lawn

Another great way to freshen up your landscaping on a budget is to fertilize. When you nourish your lawn with a good fertilizer, it typically has fewer weeds and pests, saving you money on weed and pest control in the long run. You should fertilize twice a year, once during the spring and again in the fall.

Cost: Price varies, talk to your local lawn care professional

There are many other ways to give your lawn a facelift including watering on a regular basis, trimming your bushes, repairing a broken fence, or making the edges of your lawn straight. For more budget-friendly ideas, give us a call 205-577-9664!