5 Reasons You Should Put Mulch Around Your Plants

put mulch

Just like humans need protection from illness, dehydration, and injury, plants need protection too. One of the best ways you can care for your plants is to put mulch down and spread it around them. Here are 5 reasons why your plants need mulch in their life.

1. Mulch fights weeds.

Weeds are like annoying plant bullies. Mulch plays interference between your plants’ root system and weeds’ root systems by preventing weeds from getting the sunlight, air, and water they need in order to grow. By covering weed-prone areas with mulch, you stunt weed growth, keeping your plants healthy and happy.

2. Mulch slows down the process of erosion.

Without mulch, the soil around your plants is exposed to rain, wind, and other factors that could pull the dirt away from your plant. Every plant’s root system relies on that dirt to flourish. So spreading mulch keeps the soil right where it needs to be.

3.  Mulch seals the soil, which helps your plants retain much-needed water.

The roots of your plants are sensitive and need to stay damp. If too much sun reaches them, they could dry out and cause your plant to die. Put mulch down to act as a sealant that helps the roots stay hydrated and healthy.

4. Mulch regulates soil temperature.

Extreme heat or extreme cold can be detrimental to the health of your plants. Mulch is like a nice jacket that keeps the soil surrounding your plant the perfect temperature for growth.

5. Mulch keeps the soil around your plant loose.

We’ve talked before about how soil needs to be able to “breathe” in order to receive much-needed nutrients. Without mulch, soil can be stepped on, packed in, etc. which suffocates the soil. Put mulch down and spread it to keep the soil loose and airy.

Sources: Arbor Day Foundation