5 Lawn Care Hacks for Landscaping Beginners

Lawn Care Hacks

Here are the 5 Lawn Care Hacks:

1. Tackle one area at a time

Picture your dream back yard: a sprawling deck with an herb garden, a fire pit under the pergola, and maybe a climbing rose bush by the fence. It’s great to start with a vision, but you don’t want to be too ambitious and then not be able to finish. Instead of attempting to makeover the entire yard, focus on one project to start with, like building a firepit. Then proceed to the next one, and so on. Reference your vision periodically to make sure everything is developing the way you want it to. By tackling one project at a time, you can focus on the quality of your work and see your landscaping vision come to life.

2. Don’t overdo it

Landscaping beginners sometimes try to cram too much into one space, and the lawn ends up looking overcrowded and tacky. Try to be thoughtful about what you plant and build, so that everything looks cohesive. Sometimes mulch, for instance, is all you need to give your lawn that fresh, landscaped look.

3. Think low-maintenance

If you’re more excited about having a beautiful outdoor space to enjoy than the process of creating one, go for low-maintenance landscaping. Pick flowers and plants that are native to your area and easy to care for. Spread rocks or mulch in beds that are prone to weeds. You could even create a small outdoor “living area” for relaxing that requires little to no maintenance, like a pergola or patio furniture.

4. Don’t underestimate “boring” adjustments

Some landscaping projects are simple, cost little money, and can have a huge impact on your current landscape. For example, clearing your lawn of dead leaves in the fall prevents your grass from rotting during winter months. Raking the leaves doesn’t have to be time-consuming either; you could get your lawn clear in seconds using this landscaper’s brilliant cardboard hack!

5. Enlist the help of a professional

Hesitant to tackle your landscaping goals on your own? Consider entrusting your vision to a capable landscaping professional. Landscaping professionals will no doubt be able to accomplish your goal faster than you could if you tried to do it on your own. Reap all the rewards without any of the work!

Landscaping your own yard can be intimidating, especially if you’re a beginner. If you don’t have a lot of experience or expertise, it’s a good idea to at least consult a professional before you begin. Some projects are easy to DIY, while others are not and are best left to an experienced landscaper.