Valentine’s Day Hack – Plant Your Own Roses!

Valentine's Day Hack


Valentine’s Day Hack: According to data collected by IPSOS Floral Tracking Study and IPSOS eNation National On-Line Research, it is estimated that more than 250 million roses are produced for Valentine’s Day. Whether you wholeheartedly support Valentine’s Day or think it’s simply a “cash grab,” one thing is for certain: you can’t go wrong giving roses to someone you love!

Planting roses is a cost-effective gift that keeps on giving.

Roses are a simple yet thoughtful way to tell someone you care about them. But buying roses every Valentine’s Day (or any other holiday, for that matter) can get expensive, especially if you want to buy a card or gift as well.

So this year, we’re suggesting you plant your own roses! You could secretly plant them and then present the bush as the gift. Or give some roses from the bush to your special someone each Valentine’s Day. Better yet, you could make a romantic date out of it and plant the rose bush together! Not only will you make an unforgettable memory, but you will also have roses to give your loved one many Valentine’s Days to come.

Need help deciding what kind of rose bush to plant and where you should plant it? Austin Phillips, head of the AWP Services team, has a degree in horticulture and would be happy to give you guidance. Call 205-577-9664 today!