Lawn Care Guide, By Season

Lawn Care Guide

Lawn Care Guide

Your lawn requires differing care by season to ensure that it looks its best at all times. Correctly caring for your lawn according to its seasonal requirements will ensure that it has everything it needs for the coming months.


In early spring, you need to ensure that you have all the tools necessary for your lawn. This is also a good time to maintain them for the warmer months. You will need the following tools to properly care for your lawn: lawn mower, fertilizer, herbicide, rakes (must include a hard tooth rake), aerator, shovels, lawn thermometer, hose, sprinkles, rain gage and various hand tools.

Early spring is when you should be performing maintenance on your yard equipment, filling your mower with gas and removing any residue on your lawn such as twigs, leaves, and trash.

Once spring has arrived, your lawn begins to grow and it’s a good time to fertilize and aerate. This is done with an aeration machine and prepares your soil for rain and fertilizer.


The summer season is the busiest time for lawn care and when you will be mowing the most often. Always remember never to cut your grass too short – 3 inches from the ground is a rule of thumb. Also, now is a good time to water often but do not give your lawn more than 3 inches per week!


Things start slowing down in the fall season. You should spend most of your time raking leaves and removing dead grass. If necessary, add some good quality grass seed to the lawn and some compost into the ground. Your lawn could also benefit from some good fertilizer to prepare itself for the colder months.


When winter comes, your lawn will need the least bit of work. Sometimes, it is a good idea to fertilize in winter but this all depends on your lawn.