Why Landlords Should Offer Full-Service Lawn Care to Tenants


Lawn Care

As a landlord, it’s tempting to rely on your tenant to upkeep their own lawn. After all, they are paying the utilities and up-keeping the rest of the house. So the lawn should be their responsibility as well, right?

Trusting your tenant to care for your lawn in a manner that is satisfactory to you is incredibly risky. What if your tenant is careless or busy and doesn’t take care of your lawn? This could kill the grass and shrubs, forcing you to re-landscape (which may be more expensive and inconvenient than if you had just offered full-service lawn care in the first place).

Aside from the hassle of an irresponsible tenant, as a landlord you also want to keep up appearances. You want your property to look clean and well-kept so that every single time someone drives by, it looks cared-for. This is beneficial because when you put it up for rent again or decide to sell, prospective tenants and buyers will already know what sort of landlord you are–one that cares for your properties. Try offering full-service lawn care to one tenant, as a test, and see how it goes. If you like the result, then you can extend the offer to the rest of your rentals.