How Cardboard Boxes Bring Pests Into Your Home

How Cardboard Boxes Bring Pests Into Your Home? Our EnviroSpray team has noticed that our customers are often surprised by how easy it is for bugs to find their way into their homes through cardboard boxes. It’s also the time of year when we find that infestations have been unwelcome additions to recently received Christmas gift boxes!

Cardboard boxes are a part of almost everybody’s life. You may have recently moved houses, with some of your possessions still stored in cardboard boxes waiting for you to find the time to deal with them.

It’s equally likely that you use them for general storage and have cardboard boxes in a variety of locations around your property. Such boxes, in all shapes and sizes, are simply everywhere. But sadly, so are the bugs and other pesky critters for whom they provide a home!

The Problem with Cardboard Boxes

Or, to be entirely accurate: The problem with cardboard boxes and the places where they are stored. If these boxes are left in out of the way corners, unheated rooms, or out in the garage, then an environment that is loved by pests can soon be created.

Cardboard has this key problem: It is easily susceptible to both moisture and humidity. This makes it an enticing place for many types of insects. They enjoy feasting on organic materials which are part of the finished cardboard. Wood, natural fabrics, and glue are all components of a typical cardboard box–and a bug’s three-course meal!

As time passes, the cardboard disintegrates and becomes moldy and damp, providing a valuable water source for many pests. Some bugs like to be where there is little or no airflow, so a cardboard box stuck away in a cupboard or corner offers them their desired environment.

How Cardboard Boxes Bring Pests Into Your Home

What Alternatives Are There to Cardboard Boxes?

As prevention is better than cure, it’s wise to think of other storage mediums rather than relying on cardboard boxes. So, what springs to mind? Our EnviroSpray team often recommends either plastic or glass containers. Another benefit of using them instead of cardboard is that they are lockable, keeping pests out.

They are both more stable and secure than cardboard boxes, which are often left with the top open to some degree. It’s easy to see what’s inside, meaning that these containers are only opened when the contents are needed. In comparison, opaque cardboard boxes can be opened . . . and not properly closed afterward.

If you’re using bins for storage, it pays to check and ensure they are in pristine condition. It doesn’t take much of a space for bugs to burrow and crawl their way inside.

If you do use cardboard boxes, a thorough and regular inspection to check their condition is advisable.

How Can I Prevent Bugs from Living in My Storage?

If you suspect an infestation, you should call an insect control service immediately. However, in order to mediate the problem from the beginning, you can add a natural bug repellent, such as citronella, eucalyptus, or cedarwood oil. To prevent infestations in the first place, regularly clean up your storage area to keep it free from dirt and dust. Remove cobwebs and make sure the humidity is kept as low as possible. Moisture helps pests to keep warmer in winter and cooler in summer.

If you have a designated storage area, such as a cupboard, room, or garage, look to ensure there are no easy access points for rodents, bugs, and other pests. When you’re moving or opening a cardboard storage box, it also pays to check the outside for any signs of problems, and then vacuum the contents before using them. However, the only way to make sure there isn’t an infestation is to call pest control.

It Makes Sense to Use Professional Pest Control Services

If you do find that bugs have found their way into your home, our EnviroSpray team is ready to help. As pest control professionals, we appreciate how disconcerting it can be to have pests in your home.

Trying to deal with this problem yourself can be both time-consuming and often doomed to fail. Home-made solutions, or off-the-shelf products, often don’t deal properly with the problem.

So, it pays to ask the professionals. Our expert team knows which products are best for any given situation or location. We can respond quickly, which we know is a real priority for you. With our wide experience, we also offer a guarantee of satisfaction to cover our actions in dealing with any pest problem or infestation.

The moment you find a pest problem in your home, contact our EnviroSpray team for speedy help.