Bagging vs. Mulching: Which is Better?

Bagging vs. Mulching

Bagging vs. Mulching

Many of you may be wondering which is better for your lawn: bagging or mulching lawn clippings? While it may seem weird to spread cut grass over…well, cut grass, it’s really the best option for your lawn (if you mow regularly). Here’s why.

Bagging your grass clippings is not only bad for the environment, but it’s extra work too! Why use plastic bags and spend time bagging up all your grass clippings when you could just skip it altogether? Mulching is better for your grass because it returns the grass to the soil, which can make your lawn look greener and fuller over time.

Think of all the nutrients that are in the grass you are cutting away! By mulching, you are sowing those nutrients right back into your lawn. Use a mulching mower or, if you don’t have one, mow over clipping piles a couple times to finely chop the grass.

Of course, mulching is only better for your lawn if you actually mow once or twice a week. If you’re mowing less frequently than that, you should bag your grass. Leaving grass clumped up on your lawn for weeks on end will ultimately do more harm than good, smothering the grass below and turning it yellow or brown. Gross! So to recap: Mow regularly? (1-2x per week) Mulch. Mow irregularly? Bag.