4 Resilient Flowers That Bloom During Winter

Resilient Flowers

Think you can’t have a colorful garden during winter? Ask a landscaping professional about these 4 beautiful Resilient Flowersthat are sure to brighten the season.

1. Lenten Rose or Christmas rose (Helleborus)

If you have a shady, wooded garden, you should consider the lenten rose. This perennial blooms in the winter and can survive cold and snow with ease. Blossoms are typically purple, yellow, or white in color.

2. Snowdrops (Galanthus)

These small, bell-like flowers are iconic winter blooms. You can expect to see their white blossoms peek out through the snow (or ice!) around February.

3. Winter pansies

Photo courtesy of R.H. Barnett Photography. Used with permission.

Pansies add a welcome splash of color to the gray landscape of winter, and these delicate flowers are tougher than they look! Did you know the pansy can be frozen solid and then perk up again once the ice around it melts? They bloom off and on throughout winter, whenever snow or ice thaws.

4. Jelena Witch Hazel

Fiery orange-red jelena witch hazel isn’t as creepy as it sounds; in fact, it was most appropriately dubbed the “Queen of Winter” by the Pacific Horticulture Society. Witch hazel typically blooms in January.

Looking for the perfect winter-blooming flower to add to your collection? Reach out to AWP Services today for more winter garden ideas!