3 Lawn Care Myths Busted

Lawn Care Myths

Lawn Care Myths: If you think you know your lawn, think again. Most homeowners assume certain things about lawn care based on things they’ve heard or read, but when was the last time you asked yourself, “What does my lawn actually need?” Let’s shed some light on 3 lawn care myths.

Myth #1 Lawn care is easy to do yourself.

This is false. Lawn care is easy to do incorrectly yourself. Caring for your own lawn is not easy. Not only do you have to think about what types of pesticides you’re using, grass length, etc. but you also have to be careful not to OVERcare for your lawn. Did you know you can mow your grass too often? Sometimes homeowners spread too much pesticide. There’s a healthy balance that works for your unique lawn, and a lawn care specialist is going to be able to strike that balance perfectly because of their experience and resources.

Myth #2 Lawn care is an unnecessary expense.

We don’t typically think of lawn care as an investment, but that’s what it is. In fact, taking care of your lawn is a responsibility just like taking out the trash or doing a load of laundry. If you want a lush lawn for your kids and friends and family to play on, you have to put forth some effort/expense into achieving that. Your lawn isn’t going to magically repair itself or grow lush naturally. There’s a great thing about your lawn though: when you invest in the proper care, it makes it worth your while.

Myth #3 Lawn care doesn’t have to be a regular thing.

You can’t change the oil in your car twice a year! Caring for your lawn is no different. Without care, your lawn will not only look disheveled, but it will also attract pesky bugs and insects. Those insects won’t just ruin your lawn, they’ll prevent you from enjoying your lawn as well. Lawn care has to be a priority. Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about keeping up with it! AWP Services can come as regularly as you like to tend to all your lawn care needs.